Lenah Valley Fire Safety

To the Honourable Speaker and Members of the House of Assembly:  The petition of the undersigned citizens of Tasmania draws to the attention of the House, the petitioners’ concern about fire hazards in Lenah Valley and requests the following actions:

  1. Allocate money from the State Fuel Reduction Program to fuel reduction projects in and around Lenah Valley.
  2. Provide new funding for projects to reduce fire risk in Lenah Valley such as fuel break extensions and removal of risky roadside vegetation.
  3. Fund a Bushfire Ready Neighbourhood program in Lenah Valley to increase community preparedness and awareness.
  4. Remove the pine trees opposite Ancanthe Park as they are an introduced species.

Your petitioners request that the House calls on the Minister for Fire, Police and Emergency Management to urgently work with the Hobart City Council to further reduce the fire risk in the bushland reserves around Lenah Valley and build our community resilience to fire risk.  Your petitioners further request that an urgent fire risk review of the surrounding foothills of Lenah Valley is conducted urgently.