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Cuts and more prison escapes to come under Hodgman

September 24, 2019

Ella Haddad MP 

Shadow Minister for Corrections

  • More prisoners on the loose on Hodgman’s watch
  • Hodgman fails to quarantine Risdon Prison from cuts
  • Tasmanian community more dangerous under Liberals


In Question Time today Will Hodgman failed on numerous occasions to tell Tasmanians how many jobs and services will be cut at Risdon Prison.

The Liberals failure to quarantine corrections from budget cuts comes after a violent criminal escaped from the Prison yesterday by scaling the fence, and in another incident prisoners climbed onto the roof of a cell block last week.

Shadow Minister for Corrections Ella Haddad said the Government’s tough on crime agenda had been exposed as a bluff on crime.

“Violent criminals are on the loose and crime rates are going up but Will Hodgman failed today to tell Tasmanians where his cuts were coming from,” Ms Haddad said.

“Make no mistake – hard working correctional officers are already being pushed to breaking point and prisons are overcrowded.

“More cuts will mean more pressure and could lead to more violent criminals in our community, it’s just that simple.

“People are worried about the increase in crime all around Tasmania. 

“Will Hodgman needs to get out of the Executive Building and tell Tasmanians why he won’t do what it takes to keep them safe.

“Tasmanians deserve to be safe in their community. Tasmanians deserve better.”