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Hodgman and Archer fail to keep Tasmanians safe

September 25, 2019

Ella Haddad MP

Shadow Minister for Corrections

  • Hodgman fails to quarantine Risdon Prison from cuts
  • Full independent investigation into prison system dismissed by Liberals
  • Tasmanian community more dangerous under Liberals


Will Hodgman and Elise Archer have today failed to ensure the Tasmanian community is protected from future prison escapes by violent criminals.


The Liberals today dismissed Labor’s calls for an independent investigation into the prison system and failed to protect our prisons from Will Hodgman’s budget cuts.


Shadow Corrections Minister Ella Haddad said the Liberal’s tough talk on crime had been completely dismantled.


“Both Will Hodgman and Elise Archer have failed once again to rule out budget cuts to the prison,” Ms Haddad said.


“The Premier must tell us how many millions of dollars will be cut out of Tasmania’s prison system.


“We know more cuts will mean more risks in the prison, like understaffing and overcrowding. This could easily mean more violent criminals will potentially escape into our communities.


“The Government has failed to tell Tasmanians why this violent offender was in minimum security.


“It is clear that overcrowding and underfunding of the system has led to this dangerous situation.


“Will Hodgman must change his tune and announce a full and independent investigation into the prison system.


“Tasmanians deserve to know that their Government is doing what is needed to keep them safe.