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Liberals fail to keep prisoners in prison (again)

September 10, 2019

  • More prisoners released early on Hodgman’s watch
  • Tasmanian community more dangerous under Liberals
  • Liberals bluff on crime approach continues


Will Hodgman, Elise Archer and Mark Shelton must tell Tasmanians why they continue to put spin before community safety.

A day after yet another prisoner was released earlier than they were supposed to be, the Liberals are laughably spruiking their tough on crime credentials.

Shadow Minister for Corrections Ella Haddad said the Government’s cuts and chaos were to blame for early releases.

“One of Will Hodgman’s first decisions was to cut $28 million from upgrades to government ICT services, some of which were designed to track prisoners movements,” Ms Haddad said.

“After a series of early prisoner releases and a damning Auditor General’s report, the Liberals are still playing catch up.

“Only a matter of days after it was exposed that crime levels spiked by six percent in the last year under the Liberals, Tasmanians should rightly be asking if Will Hodgman’s cuts and mismanagement were putting their family’s safety at risk.

“We know the Government like to talk tough on crime – but the stats and the stories about criminals being released before their time tell a different story.

“The Magistrates Court Bill being debated in Parliament proposes to make prisoner transfers electronic but these changes won’t be implemented for at least 18 months. The Government needs to say what it will do in the meantime to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“Tasmanians deserve better.”